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Introducing Y-Talk - Pangean Technologies VoIP Mobility Solution for Instant Communications

Y-Talk is a SIP-based VoIP software application that transforms any PDA device running Microsoft Windows Mobile™ 5.0 or Microsoft Windows Mobile™ 2003 into a “Walkie-Talkie” like device using Push to Talk.

Enterprises with the need for a ubiquitous solution that increases employee mobility can use Y-Talk for instant communications “on the go”.

With Y-Talk users can… 

  • Communicate instantly with your networked associates, no matter where you are, or they are

  • Push-to-Talk – with a direct, “always-on” connection that allows a user to instantly speak to multiple colleagues by simply pushing a “Talk” button

  • Enjoy Wi-Fi Roaming, which allows users to roam across multiple wireless access points without losing their ability to instantly communicate with colleagues

  • Use location-based services to discover the geographical location of other colleagues

  • View the presence information of other colleagues ― in real-time

  • Instantly communicate in a group conference, enabling instant group communications whenever needed…

  • Utilize enterprise-wide broadcast - a one-to-many mode of voice communications that allows authorized users to rapidly distribute information over the LAN/WAN

  • Easily create an instantaneous One to One private voice session between any two Y-Talk or insta-REACT! users, anywhere in the world

  • Enable multi-channel Communications -- support multiple, concurrent conversations, allowing a user to participate in several conferences at the same time

Enterprises are deploying the following applications that require a mobility solution:

  • On-demand and real-time communications.

  • Location-based services, such as request-based advertising

  • Enterprise-wide instant voice communications

  • Push to Talk for real-time emergency dispatch

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Y-Talk on HP iPAQ
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Y-Talk on Symbol MC50
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