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Trademark Guidelines
General Trademark Guidelines
You may use Pangean trademarks (including logos or taglines) to identify Pangean products, services, and programs on packaging, promotional, and advertising materials, provided you adhere to the following guidelines:
  1. You may not incorporate or include Pangean trademarks in your company name, product name, domain name, or in the name of your service.
  2. An appropriate generic term must appear after the trademark the first time it appears in a printed piece, and as often as possible after that. For examples of appropriate generic terms for use with Adobe trademarks, click here.
  3. Your product name may not be confusingly similar to any of Pangean trademarks.
  4. Your use may not be obscene or pornographic, and may not be disparaging, defamatory, or libelous to Pangean, any of its products, or any other person or entity.
  5. Your use may not directly or indirectly imply Pangean sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement of your product or service.
  6. Reference to the Pangean trademark may not be the most prominent visual element on your product or service. Your company name and/or logo, your product or service name, and your graphics should be significantly larger than the reference to Pangean trademark.
  7. If your use includes references to a Pangean product, the full name of the product must be referenced at the first and most prominent mention (Pangean Technologies™ insta -REACT! ™). When referencing any Pangean trademarks, please mark with a ™ as indicated in Pangean trademark database for general distribution.
  8. You may not shorten or abbreviate any of Pangean trademarks. Always spell and capitalize Pangean trademarks exactly as they appear in the Pangean trademark database for general distribution.
  9. You need to include the following trademark attribution statement: "[List of marks used in alphabetical order] are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Pangean Technologies, LLC." For example: insta -REACT!™ is a trademark of Pangean Technologies, LLC.

The following list sets forth certain of the trademarks used by Pangean Technologies, LLC. This list is subject to change at any time.

Pangean Technologies™
insta -RELAY!™


Unless you are licensed by Pangean Technologies under a specific licensing program or agreement, use of Pangean logos such as the corporate logo is not allowed. You may qualify for use of certain logos under the programs offered through our Partner Program.
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