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VoIP for Corporate Communications

The insta-RELAY!™ product from Pangean Technologies is a unique VoIP solution for internal corporate communications. This product solution is designed for organizations that are primarily interested in broadcasting announcements to large groups of employees. Pangean’s insta-RELAY! offer is an affordable alternative to the full-featured, two-way VoIP communications capabilities of insta-REACT! product.

insta-RELAY! delivers a secure, intercom-like communications capability using the company’s existing LAN, WAN or VPN infrastructures to broadcast voice to any authorized PC on the network. This enables executives to address everyone in the company who is tuned in and listening.

Thanks to the direct, “always-on” connection, managers can instantaneously click a button and communicate with individual groups or the company as a whole. The insta-RELAY! product also includes a client mixer, which enables users to control the volume of each broadcast independently.

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