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Full-featured Instant Communications

The insta-REACT!™ application is a VoIP software application that provides a secure, instant, enterprise-wide interoffice communication over a company’s existing IP network.  Through a software user interface (client) loaded onto a networked PC, users have instant access to a variety of communications capabilities, including:


·          A dynamic user directory

·          Enterprise-wide intercom

·          Voice broadcasting

·          Conferencing

·          Instant messaging


Dynamic User Directory

The insta-REACT! application uses a “buddy list”-style GUI to list user groups and group members.  What makes this directory unique is that it identifies the presence, or status, of each user, whether they are online or offline. This real-time directory gives users easy access all current information concerning the status of any insta-REACT! member. 


Real-time Management and Administration

Administration of the insta-REACT! solution is simple and immediate.  A Web-based console allows solution administrators to build groups, add users and change user parameters quickly.  And unlike most traditional interoffice communications systems, user changes on insta-REACT! are effective immediately, there is no delay or waiting for activation.  The insta-REACT! solution is fully compatible with relational database programs, such as Microsoft SQL Server.


Uniform Access through VPN

For those organizations that operate on a Virtual Private Network (VPN), user access to insta-REACT! is completely transparent.  They can work from home, hotel rooms, or any remote location in the world as long as they have access to the corporate network. A home office user will have access to the same insta-REACT! features and functionality as users in corporate facilities.

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