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 What is insta-REACT?
insta-REACT! is a SIP-based product that integrates Presence, Instant Message (IM), Multi-Party Audio Conference, Push to Talk, recording, and many more features on a single interface, delivering instant communications across an organization or department within a campus environment.

 What does the user need to run insta-REACT?
All the user needs is the insta-REACT! Client, a PC running Windows XP or Windows 2000, and a Microphone device that supports full duplex communication.

 How does insta-REACT! work?
insta-REACT! has 3 components; a server, a client, and a management system. The server is installed and the groups and users are managed using the management system. Each user is entered into the system and is assigned to groups. When a user logs on, he or she is presented with the group(s) they have been assigned to.

 For example:
Joe Michael is a Trader working for a firm. He is a member of the Equity team. A group called Equity is created in insta-REACT! and Joe is added to the Equity group. When Joe logs on, he sees all his group members who's online (Presence), and can easily push the Talk button to speak to all the members who are online in his group. Joe sees one of his team leaders, Alex and wants to talk to him directly. All he has to do is push the Page button and it will create a one to one private session with Alex. There is no need to dial a number.

 How many users can be in a group?

  How many groups can a user join?

 Can anyone join the group?
No, the insta-REACT! administrator will have to add you to that group.

 Is anyone in the group designated as the Chair of that group?
No; however, in our upcoming release

 Can anyone join a group at anytime?
No. The user has to be given access to that group by the administrator.

 Say I want to talk to everyone in the group but some people are offline, can I record what I am saying and send it to them?
Yes! When you record what you want to say, you don't need to do anything! insta-REACT! will automatically notify any offline members that there is a recording they need to listen to, the subsequent time they log in.

 Is there a way for me to I setup a group so that only certain people can speak and everyone else listens?
Yes! The admin will setup a group with Listen-only access for those users who will not have the ability to speak into the group. When the users with Listen-Only access, they will not have any Talk button on the group's name.

 How can I connect insta-REACT! to my telephone system?
Currently, insta-REACT! does not support this feature. It will be available soon.

 Can I use my own SIP server instead of the insta-REACT! server?
Yes! This is the beauty of the product, though there might be some customization or specific configuration needed to your SIP server.

 Can I use insta-REACT! from home and have the same features as though I am in the office?
Yes! If your company has a VPN (Virtual Private Network), you can connect to it and use insta-REACT as though you were in your office!

 Can I use insta-REACT! with a Cell Phone Push to Talk?
Yes, but there needs to be some customization.

 What are some of the common features in insta-REACT?
  • Presence: See who is online
  • Voice Broadcast: Speak to everyone in the group (One to Many)
  • Instant Message: Send text message to users online
  • Paging: Speak in a private conversation to any person in the group
  • Ad Hoc Conference: Create a side-bar conference of multiple users from multiple groups on the fly.

 Can I use insta-REACT! as a paging system?

 Can I use insta-REACT as a conferencing system?

 How much does insta-REACT cost?
Pricing is available by contacting sales@pangeantech.com or calling 1-877- 472-6432

 Can I get a demo copy of insta-REACT?
Sure. You can download an evaluation copy from http://www.pangeantech.com/download.html

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