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Small Businesses
Service Providers
Presence Management

Allows any user to see if intended recipients are on line and available, before any action is taken. All these features are delivered using the existing corporate network.

Instant Messaging

Each user is able to text any other single user to add, support or highlight information delivered via voice or to leave a message for a call back request.

Instant Group Conference

Always-on voice conferencing where any party can speak and be heard at the same time. insta-REACT! allows multiple calls to take place at the same time. The client chooses whom he wishes to talk back to.


Multiple voice distribution of information from a single source to many listeners. Broadcasts enable the source or individual to be heard by many interested parties, simulating morning briefings.


Instant person-to-person calls where both parties can speak and be heard at the same time. insta-REACT! uniquely allows multiple calls to take place at the same time.

Cost Effective

In companies where multiple office locations exist (Branch Offices, Telecommuters, Remote Offices), carrying voice traffic across the IP Network can produce great cost savings. Pangean's solution allows geographically dispersed users to remain connected wherever they are using their existing IP infrastructure for voice communications without incurring any charges.

Rapidly Deployable

Within two hours, a Pangean's product can be install and ready to use. There is no need for extra cabling and the server resides on a low commodity hardware server. For example, deploying 1000 users within insta-REACT! is practically a breeze.

Secure Communication

Since insta-REACT! resides on the company's network for internal communication, it is already protected by the company's implemented firewall. insta-REACT! also features a two way logon/logoff mechanism for added security. Securing the voice is the next step.

Low Bandwidth Utilization

Pangean's Product supports multiple CODEC's (G.711, G.729, GSM 6.10) so it is easy to implement a lower bandwidth CODEC in one location and a higher in the other. Pangean has also implemented dynamic Voice Activity Detection (VAD) which also reduces network voice traffic.

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