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The Pangean Technologies interoffice communication solution provides organizations with a dynamic, instantaneous conferencing capability that enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of work groups and project teams throughout the enterprise.

Companies with a large, distributed workforces have come to rely heavily on conference calling as the most cost-effective method for holding meetings. Today there is a more effective method for bringing together geographically distributed members of a work group or project team; VoIP conferencing from Pangean Technologies.

 Pangean’s interoffice communications solution — insta-REACT— supports IP multicast, which provides full voice conferencing functionality without the need for an expensive centralized server, mixer or MCU. This form of conferencing is unique because of its “always on,” open channel connections. All a user needs to do is “click” their TALK button on their insta-REACT! directory and they are instantly connected to all members of the group that are online. There is no need to pre-schedule the conference with a service provider and there are no arbitrary restrictions on length or frequency of the conference.

Company Broadcasts

By establishing a group list that includes everyone in the company, senior management can relay information to the entire organization in real-time. For a large distributed operation, company-wide broadcasts can be an extremely effective management tool. With Pangean’s interoffice communications solution, everything is already in place to
communicate directly with every employee in the company, no matter where they are.

With the voice recording and playback features of Pangean’s insta-REACT! system, an executive can record a session and send a “missed broadcast” message to those users who were offline, allowing them to retrieve those messages the next time they login to the system.


Unlike traditional conference calling services, Pangean’s voice conferencing capability is always available. Users can plan conferences for specific times or create an ad-hoc conference when the need arises. A user also has the freedom to create a temporary group and add users from other groups at any time.
A user can also take part in multiple conferences at the same time. The push-to-talk feature and individual volume controls for each voice channel allows the user to address different conferences as necessary.

This is a complete, scalable conferencing solution that is so bandwidth-efficient. By using available capacity on a company’s in place IP infrastructure, a single conference can support literally thousands of users with no significant degradation in network performance.
Pangean Technologies’ interoffice communications solution eliminates both the cost and regimentation that are inherent in conference calling services, allowing groups to concentrate on their work.

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