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The world wide web is at a humble 25 years of age.  Can you believe how far the internet has come in those 25 years?  It’s our biggest fascination, seeing the ever-increasing advancements in the web and predicting the future of the scene.

We’ll tell you one thing, if you don’t consider yourself good at technology communication right now, that is, your ability to effectively operate a piece of tech, then you should spend some time figuring out what you don’t understand.

The internet itself is the greatest resource of knowledge that mankind has ever seen, and nearly all of us have immediate access to it. If there is something you don’t understand, Google will source you hundreds of different resources to help you find an answer.

Whether it’s to find an answer to a quick question or learn an extensive new skill set, it can be accomplished online.  Nearly everyone on our team knows what they know through the sole assistance of the internet, and not through a university or professor.  In fact, every one of the programmers on our team were programming since their early years, even before high school, through the means of online learning.

We think that the highly successful man of the future will see and use the great value of his smartphone and computer to aid him.  He won’t rely on the old, limited, and seemingly broken means of education.  He will understand that the best form of education is the one where the individual seeks it for himself, instead of the traditional force fed generalized information we’ve been accustomed to learning in the past.

This site will be all about preparing you for the future, allowing you to develop greater technical awareness, and inspiring you to learn and grow in this new world.